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The Stock Butler keeps an updated list of all the Best of the Best stocks of the week. The Butler's week starts Saturday morning after 7:00 AM ET.

You can use these Best of the Best stocks to trade and add them to your watchlist. Also don't forget to add to your watchlist the Seasonality like UWM / IWM / DXD, your selected ETF and Hot hand.

The following information and computations are based on fundamental analysis rules.

The best stocks of the week for 15-Jun-2024

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Single stock rating
The single stock rating function uses the Butler to do the fundamental analysis of a stock.

Please enter the ticker symbol for one stock you wish The Stock Butler to rate for you.


Multiple stock rating
You may ask The Stock Butler to rate up to 50 stocks for you at a time. He will then present you with the results of the fundamental analysis and stock grades on a single page.

Enter each stock symbol separated by commas or one stock symbol per line up to 50 stocks.

If you want to know more about a certain analysis, the Butler will give you the detailed view of the analysis on demand.

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